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Your employees are the backbone of your company’s culture, work product, and ultimately its success or failure. Providing benefits is a great way to demonstrate that the business cares about the quality of life and personal success of its employees. Even in instances where the business has provided a comprehensive benefits package, studies have found that most employees don’t understand what is being offered or how those benefits could be utilized to help them achieve their personal financial goals. Anchor focuses on creating the empowering experience employees need to drive engagement, work product, and the environment where the employee can see the alignment between their personal success and that of the company. We provide a concierge personalized experience for every employee that is routed around their access at no cost to them.

"A premier benefits package, packaged in a premier employee experience."

All of our clients receive a premier benefit enrollment experience with our exclusive Employee Navigator partnership. Your team members will enjoy a seamless and pleasant experience when it comes to choosing the right benefits for their families. Meanwhile, release the burden employee benefits can have on a small business trying to juggle all the pieces of running a business. 

The truly all-in-one benefits solution you’ve been waiting for

  • Get new hires enrolled quickly

  • Compare and select plans

  • Review coverage status for all employees

  • Monitor employee enrollment status and deadlines

  • Setup your own virtual agency call center

  • Store, review, and acknowledge important plan documents

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The Managed Health Plan is the perfect intersection of doing good for your company while doing good for your employees.

By improving your team's health and wellness, our plan keeps your employees more productive and present in your business. Our plan is an independent benefit plan that will not replace or interfere with your primary health plan or any other benefit plan that may already be in place. This plan works seamlessly with HMOs, PPOs, FSAs, HSAs, and fully self-insured plans. Our benefits plan will simply become an additional offering, at a zero net cost, for your company.


Zero Cost Benefits


Health Insurance





We represent the leading healthcare
providers and will work to find the right coverage for each employee going further than just providing coverage but instead helping them integrate the correct coverage into their personal insurance and financial portfolio.

Telemedical services that allow the employee’s family access to a licensed Physician within 15 minutes of requesting a consultation. No Co-pays with unlimited uses per month and no surprises just faster less costly access to healthcare when an employee needs it most.

We assist in determining the right amount of short & long-term disability insurance to help ensure that employees are protected in the event of a short or long-term disability event.


Group Life Insurance

Property & Casualty 


We help provide employees easy access to life insurance that in most cases can stay with them post-employment. Simplified and Guarantee Issue solutions available.

Each employee will be given access to an insurance advisor to help ensure they have the correct auto, home, renters,
coverage and that they are not overpaying.


Financial Planning


We provide each employee access to a Financial Advisor to assist with retirement planning, social security, and Medicare planning, budgeting,
college planning, or any financial need or concern that they may have.

Retirement Plans

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We will develop and maintain the appropriate retirement savings solution for your business that can grow as your company does.

Tax Prep Services

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As a further benefit to your employees, our accounting team will provide tax services to your team at an exclusive rate. This is all because they work for you! 

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