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Anchor specifically works with highly successful individuals, and have continuously refined our business model to specifically meet your growing financial and regulatory challenges. 

As your income and wealth increases, so does the financial complexity of these challenges.

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These Challenges Include:

High Tax


 Complicated Retirement


Increased Wealth

Preservation need

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Very Complex

Estate Planning

Successful Individuals Face Unique Challenges
Our Unique Experience Is Designed For YOU

Anchor Case Study - Jerry

Meet Jerry, Jerry is a retired US Navy Captain who now works as a sales leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jerry expressed he has struggled with the new tax laws, planning for retirement, and properly allocating funds.

Financial Profile:

- Annual W2 Income: $275,000

- Investment Property Income: $24,000

- $500,000 of assets

- No Retirement Strategy

Citrus Fruits

Anchor Financial

Anchor Insurance

Anchor Accounting

Anchor Law

- Routed children's tuition through 529s for $8000 joint filing tax deduction.

- Reduced retirement taxable income and maximized his Social Security benefit.

- Implemented wealth preservation strategy to provide Jerry with peace of mind.

- Created unique retirement plan to maximize growth and monthly income.

- Saved over $1000 on annual Home Owners insurance policy.

- Negotiated  with over 30 companies to discover best auto insurance rate.

- Provide automatic annual rate review to ensure continuous savings.

- Saved over $1000, maximizing financial strategy with recaptured expenses.

- Recovered over $18,000 of overpaid taxes through out the last 3 years.

- Provide continuous education and guidance through constant regulatory change.

- Established the best entity for his small side business.

- Maximized financial strategy with recaptured Taxes paid.

- Work with Jerry & the Financial team to create effective will & estate plan.

- Create and consult on contractual matters regarding his investment properties.

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